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Make local tourism and shopping around you!

Discover local, artisanal and regional products on the map. Take the opportunity to put a more ecological touch by adding filters: organic, vegan, zero waste ...

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Do you have a local business and are passionate about it?

Continue to pass on your passion. We take care of offering you a solution to promote yourself and gain better visibility for your company and your locally produced products.

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We suggest incredible places that source locally as well as locally-made products for you to discover. To see all our local businesses, look on the interactive map

Alexandre Béland, Président de Ulocal

Why buy local?

Buying from local producers means so much! It’s about meeting and talking with enthusiasts, both owners and employees. It is also to take the direction of a better world. And there, we can talk about the ecology that these small businesses have at heart and the social aspect that comes with the connection of how it is made what I buy. With Ulocal, we make every effort to make local purchasing the most accessible to everyone and to all places in the world. We are convinced that this is one of the major voices that must be taken for a better future. Not just a better future for the privileged few, but for everyone. So that as many people as possible can live from their passion.

— Alexandre Béland, President of Ulocal