In order to bring the experience of local products to life, Ulocal is a free application and website that highlights the companies that manufacture, use or distribute a minimum of 40% of local products. The primary objective of Ulocal is to help consumers discover these places directly on a geolocated map. To see our criteria for the different ecological categories and grades, click here.

With currently more than 4,500 companies displayed on the map, Ulocal is already used for several countries and allows you to quickly discover small businesses during trips and travel stays around the world. Far from home, yes, but sometimes also closer than you think!

Far from conventional tourism

Agrotourism at its best! There are therefore local grocery stores, vineyards, bakeries, artisans, restaurants that use local products, market gardeners, clothing and accessories stores, microbreweries, cheese factories and even more for making local purchase. Users can easily find these places and have authentic, local experiences! As Ulocal wants to be an international tool, it is used from day 1 in a new city and therefore simplifies the search enormously since travelers keep the same tool, regardless of the destination.

Local and ecological experiences

Traveling has an ecological impact, but it is possible to reduce this impact by encouraging small eco-responsible traders and by buying their local products. At the same time, these visits provide authentic experiences by meeting passionate owners and employees who pass on history and know-how. Finding these companies is not always easy. This is why Ulocal exists. In addition, take the opportunity to put a more ecological touch by adding filters: organic products, vegan, zero waste …

Ulocal has been online since July 2018 and, thanks to your help, new members are added every week. This is among other things why we find the U. Of course, we understand it immediately in English, U, you, local. Also, the U in local adds this Unity, this Union, this action so important to Unite to be a community.

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Alexandre Béland

Ulocal President

Even though entrepreneurship has been his main motivator since he was 19 years old, it was always ecology that was at the forefront of his values. While planting an organic garden with his family, the idea of consuming locally and simply came to mind. He realized that the consumer had the power to promote local consumption and eco-responsibility. Ulocal became the best method to offer up local eco-conscious businesses to consumers in a simple and efficient way.

Équipe Ulocal, des gens passionnés de produits locaux et d'Achat local

Ulocal team

Although this photo does not represent the entire Ulocal team, it does reflect his spirit of creativity and passion. The team includes people from complementary fields, in management, marketing, IT, design, social media and administration, and everyone is doing their part to achieve an innovative and inspiring result. This work allows them not only an income, but to discover, just like you, charming and surprising places in all kinds of regions of the world. Photo credit to the 4-year-old child of one of our app developers 😀


Ecological awareness means taking concrete actions such as consuming locally. Choosing companies displayed on Ulocal means acting by making simple responsible choices.

The majority of the companies posted on Ulocal take ecology to heart. In order to be part of this planetary consumer movement, ecotourism becomes a consumer choice and becomes more accessible thanks to Ulocal. Consumers have a crucial role to play in going green and eco-responsible: by buying local, they define their consumption expectations and encourage companies to make healthier choices for the environment and the local economy. And all this, at your fingertips.

Our mission

Our mission: to make you discover places that give you authentic experiences. Ulocal supports companies that make eco-responsible choices and participates in the global shift for healthier consumption from a social, economic and environmental point of view.

Our vision is that the Ulocal app is part of everyday life for consumers. We want the Ulocal app to accompany tourists on getaways, for a shift towards ecotourism and the consumption of local products, allowing both to make accessible a real experience with local flavor.

To do this, we have established clear criteria so that the companies displayed on Ulocal respect our social and environmental values.

Our criteria are:

-Produce or manufacture locally.
-Respond to the description of their category (s) and ecological grade (s).
-Produce, use or distribute a minimum of 40% local products.
-For restaurants, use a minimum of 40% local products.

In addition, Ulocal has an important interest in organic certification or the development of zero waste or veganism. This is why during your research, these words can be used as a filter.