In the spirit of promoting local production and manufacturing, Ulocal is a mobile platform that favours businesses who produce or distribute at least 40% of local products, and 15% when it comes to off-season food products. Ulocal’s main focus is to help consumers find local products thanks to geo-tracking. Ulocal also focuses on organic, vegan or zero waste-certified businesses for a better consumption of products and food.

Consumers are choosing to buy locally more and more, whether it be in their own city on a daily basis or while travelling abroad. Ulocal was created in order to access these products more easily.

Consuming local products has many social, financial and environmental advantages: it encourages local economy, helps create jobs, preserves heritage, etc. Ulocal believes these values are of utmost importance to its consumers.

It isn’t always easy finding environmentally responsible businesses. To help as many consumers as possible who wish to buy locally, the founders of Ulocal have created this site that geo-tracks regional businesses with the help of simple keywords. Ulocal has been online since July 2018, and thanks to you, new members have been joining every week.

Alexandre Béland

Ulocal President

Even though entrepreneurship has been his main motivator since he was 19 years old, it was always ecology that was at the forefront of his values. While planting an organic garden with his family, the idea of consuming locally and simply came to mind. He realized that the consumer had the power to promote local consumption and eco-responsibility. Ulocal became the best method to offer up local eco-conscious businesses to consumers in a simple and efficient way.

 Blanchard Dionne

Ulocal Vice-President

This software engineer, who lives in California with his family, sees nature as his ultimate passion. He spends countless hours enjoying the outdoors and all it has to offer with his loved ones, visiting the local farmers’ market every week. What he appreciates the most is speaking to the farmers and artisans in person. He also enjoys experimenting with at-home vegetable fermentation and kombucha. The concept of Ulocal was perfect for his lifestyle: local products in an eco-responsible context, simply and easily.

Take Action

Ecological awareness means taking concrete measures, like consuming locally. Choosing businesses featured on Ulocal means making responsible choices.

By being a part of an eco-responsible global movement, consumers can in turn influence manufacturers, distributors and retailers. They play an important part in the eco-responsible green shift. By buying locally, they define their expectations as consumers and push companies to make healthier choices for the environment and their local economy. All of this at the touch of a button.

Our mission

Our mission: helping consumers find businesses and services through our mobile app that offer up local products to reduce our environmental footprint. Ulocal supports eco-responsible companies who are part of the green shift for healthier social, economic and environmental consumption.

Our vision is for the Ulocal app to become an integral part of everyone’s daily consumption process. We want the Ulocal app to accompany tourists on their eco-touristic trips for local products, making local flavours an accessible experience.

To achieve this, we’ve established clear criteria so that businesses featured on Ulocal respect our social and environmental values.

Our criteria:

  • Must be produced or manufactured locally
  • Must use or distribute at least 40% of local products and 15% when produce is off-season.

Furthermore, Ulocal has a strong interest in organic certification and the development of zero-waste and veganism. You can use those words to refine and filter your search.