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Becoming a member of Ulocal is more than investing in advertising; it is part of the global shift to a healthier consumption from a social, economic and environmental point of view!


Because we believe in you!

A young platform very active!

After only 16 months of activity, Ulocal has more than 2 000 000 pages views per year and more than 2500 companies registered.

IOS / Android Mobile App

Powerful application with interactive map and optimized website coming in late June, for consumers who buy near their homes and / or tourists.

Unique package for everyone

$6.25 + Tx. / Month / member, no preferential display.

Ecological Grades

An advanced search tool to help consumers find organic products or ecological precisions about companies.

English and French

Ulocal is the first local product platform available in English and French.

No advertising

The space will only be dedicated to members; no advertising space will be posted on the Ulocal website.


How it works

Criteria that support the mission of Ulocal

In order to fulfill its primary mission of promoting eco-responsible companies, Ulocal ensures that all members use or sell local products. Restaurants must at least use 40% local produce (15% off-season) to qualify.

We fill in your form for you.

We need only 5 information: The name of your business, your website / Facebook page, your email, the phone number of your business and your name to find out who to contact. For the rest we will take the information found on your website or on facebook. If this information is incomplete or if you wish to change formulations or images, please contact us and we will make the necessary changes.

An agent will contact you

Within three business days, we will contact you to confirm your registration and make the payment.


Admission fees are $75 annually, which is $6.25/month. Currently, there is an additional launch promotion that adds 6 months, so $75 for 18 months, *end on December 31, 2019 in Quebec*.


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Additional promotion of 6 months so $75 for 18 months or $4.17 per month. *End on December 31, 2019 in Quebec*


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