How it works?

Here are the criteria and descriptions of the different categories on Ulocal. To maintain a quality offer on our map, companies must produce, use or distribute a minimum of 40% of products made locally.


Please identify your category (maximum 3). Take care to identify your main category. Subsequently, if your company operates in the alcohol, food or furniture sector, see the description of these categories in order to add, if necessary, a subcategory.

** To select a category, you must respond to the description mentioned on this page. **


Alcohol (liquor)

Main if:

  • – Distillery
  • – Cider house
  • – Mead fabrique…

Sub-category if:

  • – Microbrewery
  • – Vineyard


Main if:

  • – Everything related to food but which has no existing category. (ex. Fish shop)

Sub-category if:

  • – Artisan Bakeries
  • – Beekeeping
  • – Butcher shop
  • – Cafés
  • – Cheese Factories
  • – Chocolate Factories
  • – Microbreweries
  • – Produce Markets
  • – Produce Picking
  • – Public Markets
  • – Restaurants
  • – Sale of Meat
  • – Small farmer
  • – Sugar shack
  • – Food Stores
  • – Liquor
  • – Pastry Shops
  • – Specialty grocery store
  • – Épicerie spécialisée
  • – Vineyards


Main if:

  • – Manufacture of furniture in a traditional way or
    local provenance (for more details, consult a
    representing Ulocal).

Add the following subcategories if eligible:

  • – Artisan
  • – Interior decoration
  • – Exterior decoration

Artisan Boutiques

Boutique offering products from several local artisans. (pottery, jewelry, wooden spoons). If you choose this category, do not select the Boutiques category.

Artisan Bakeries

Bakery manufacturing on site. If you use local grains, also select the ecological grade 80% local products.
Artisan Boutiques


Manufacturer of handicrafts (eg. pottery, jewelry, wooden spoons, wallets, etc.).


Harvest honey from its hives.


Boutique offering local non-food products. If your store specializes in food or crafts, please refer to the categories: Food Store and Craft Store.

Butcher shop

Sale of local meats including processing of the product is made on site. (If you are selling meat but whose processing is not done on place, please refer to the category “sale of meats”)


Place offering roasted coffee locally or locally made.

Child / baby items

Boutique specializing in children’s items (washable diapers, toys, body products, etc.).

Cheese Factories

Manufacture and / or sales of local cheeses.

Chocolate Factories

Offers chocolate products manufactured / processed on site.


Sale of locally made clothing.


Products for the body, face, beauty care made locally.

Food Stores

Boutique offering food-type products with a minority or no fresh products (eg caning, jam, oils, spices, prepared meals). If you choose this category, do not select the Store category.

Household product

Sale of home care products made locally.

Interior decoration

Sale of locally made interior decoration items; fabrics, furniture, cushions, dream catchers, etc.

Exterior decoration

Sale of locally made exterior decoration items (long term products).

Jewelry & Accessories

Handcrafted or sold locally sourced products.


Manufacture and sale of craft beers. Mainly offers microbrewery beers (on reserve from Ulocal).

Pastry Shops

Manufacturing of pastries on site.

Produce Markets

Boutique or kiosk offering local fruits and / or vegetables and not corresponding to a public market.

Produce Picking

Offers the consumer the opportunity to come harvest fruits or vegetables (orchards, berries, pumpkins).

Public Markets

Group of local producers and artisans.


Restaurant that uses a minimum of 40% of local products in its menu in season, and a minimum of 15% out of season.

Sale of Meat

Sale of meats whose processing is not done on site.

Small farmer

Vegetable producers who produce on a small scale and sell their products on their farm. The category “fruit and vegetable market” can be added.

Sugar shack

Seasonal business offering stylish meals sugar shack and including local, local products and maple.


Company that cultivates vines and transforms the grapes obtained into wine. Must use mainly its grapes and supplement if necessary with local grapes.

Specialty grocery store

Delicatessen offering microbrewery beers, local wines, fresh local products, gourmet products, local cheeses, etc.

Ecological Grades

80% local products and +

Minimum 80% of the products offered are locally produced.

Ecological products

Sale of products with a lower ecological footprint (recycled, green or biodegradable products).

Offers some organic products

The offer of this place is made up of some organic products.

Organic products, 80% and +

Minimum 80% of the products offered are organic.


Minimum 40% of the products offered are vegan.

Zero Waste

Minimum 40% of the products offered are available as a zero waste option (e.g. bulk, possibility of bringing containers, etc.).

Eco-responsible tourism (To come, but you have to selected)

By selecting this grade, you indicate to tourists that they are welcome in your business.