Baranof Island Brewing Company

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Baranof Island Brewing Co. is owned, operated, sampled and sold by Sitkan beer lovers, Rick and Suzan. When they opened the brewery in 2010, enthusiastic townspeople drank up the supply so quickly, they immediately had to ramp up the capacity of their operations.

Now that they can keep the thirsty locals satisfied (look for BIBCo. on tap at local restaurants), they are ready to share with you their passion for really good hand-crafted beer.

Brew nerds will appreciate that every unfiltered 310-gallon batch is a combination of pure, glacier-fed Alaskan water and a blend of gourmet malts and hops, lovingly selected by our brew master.

Garden variety beer fans can look forward to a cold tasty pint after a busy day exploring and young visitors can kick back with a micro root beer.

1209 Sawmill Creek Rd
Sitka, AK, 99835
1(907) 747-2739
[email protected]
Monday to Friday : 11AM to 8PM
Saturday and Sunday : 2PM to 8PM
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