Bec Soda Inc.


Sparkling Biological Beverages are available at all fine fine and natural grocery stores across Canada.Bec cola revisits a soda symbol by adding maple syrup and using only organic ingredients.BEC sodas are the only soda in the world to use maple syrup as the main ingredient. By combining syrup with cranberry, lime and Cola, we have managed to offer unique and refreshing flavors that represent a real alternative to generic drinks.To this day and for the years to come, Bec is committed to transparency and quality by using organic and local ingredients to build a world where environment and consumer respect will be the priorities of both small and large companies.

6205 Boulevard des Grandes-Prairies
Montréal, Québec, H1P 1A5
1(514) 817-5874
[email protected]
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Ecological grades
80% local products and +
Ecological products
Offers some organic products
Organic products, 80% and +
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