Bermuda Butchery


Bermuda Butchery was established in 1995 by the Reid family and is located at the Q Super Centre in Mermaid Waters. Commonly referred to as “The Best Butchery Shop on the Gold Coast”, specialising in gluten free, hormone steroid free, naturally smoked curated meats it is very easy to see why. The philosophy behind Bermuda Butchery is that meat should not only taste good, but be good for you too. Buying directly from farmers all over Australia, Craig and his team at Bermuda Butchery are able to bring the highest quality meat every day of the year to every dinner table. Over the last 20 years Bermuda Butchery has won a multitude of industry awards including Best Customer Service in Queensland, Sausage King, Best Butcher on the Gold Coast and Retailer of the Year just to name a few.

So what are you waiting for – come in and taste the difference that nature provides.

C5, Allandale Entrance
Mermaid Waters, Queensland, 4218
+61 7 5578 5122
[email protected]
Monday to Friday : 7am - 6pm
Saturday and Sunday : 7am - 5:30pm
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Ecological grade
80% local products and +
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