Bissell Brothers Brewing Company

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Bissell Brothers was born out of a desire to make something from our deepest interests and passions that would become a separate entity; greater than the individual sums of its creators.We believe that great beer comes from a commitment to be constantly challenging the perceptions of what different styles of beers can actually become. The second we settle, the second we say that a beer has been taken as far as it can go, we start losing. The proverbial mountaintop exists only in our minds. Always be climbing, always be pushing forward.

4 Thompsons Point #108
Portland, Maine, 04102
United States
1(207) 808-8258
[email protected]
Monday to Wednesday : 2 pm - 8 pm
Thursday to Saturday : 12 pm - 8 pm
Sunday : 12 pm - 6 pm
  • Food
  • Liquor
  • Microbreweries
Ecological grade
80% local products and +
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