Boîtes de la paix


By appointment only. Online order available.Boxes of Peace is part of the movement of Upcycling design. Diverted from their initial vocation, these boxes of ammunition in magnificent red pine and white pine, with their hinges and strings of origin, become artistic objects at the same time utilitarian and symbolic, inhabited of a soul and witnesses of a history .Diverted from their military past, ammunition boxes become decorative artistic objects with ingenious design, whose symbolism occupies a preponderant place. By playing with the boxes vertically, horizontally, on the floor, on the wall, the creators offer unique design objects of their kind. They take up little space and yet they have a very strong presence thanks to their unique style and warmth. Not to mention that the Boxes of peace animate the conversations by their history ... "A conversation piece" as say the English!The Boxes of Peace, which have become real collector's items, offer a choice of responsible consumption while the planet's natural resources are overused. Already 40-50 years old, they are marked by the passage of time and ... they will survive us! Dedicated to the pleasures of life, they are a real tribute to forests.

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