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For the past 50 years, Anfibio has been providing the highest quality waterproof boots for women and men across Canada. As a Montreal-based family-owned company, Anfibio is committed to being a trusted brand for its customers and working ethically and sustainably. Every step of the manufacturing process takes place in our workshops, from the first drafts to the shipment of the boot.As one of the last shoe manufacturers on Canadian soil, we are proud of our traditions and we guarantee to create each boot with the utmost care, until the last seam. The secret of our success lies in simplicity. It is also by carefully listening to the needs of our customers that we make winter boots that are both elegant and practical for everyday use.The quality of Anfibio waterproof boots is based on three fundamental principles: comfort, durability and stain resistance.Comfort: Our breathable and breathable leather keeps feet warm and dry.Durability: Each boot is designed to withstand the harshest winter conditions.Resistance to stains: Our leather retains its flexibility and offers better calcium resistance than other leathers. 

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