Boulangerie Owl's Bread

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Bakery offering handmade products, pure butter quality pastries, as well as many other local products.The pasta is kneaded with the kneader, without fat or sugar. The shaping is done mainly by hand, except for baguette dough which is first passed in a moulder and then finished by hand, which saves a lot of time. The breads are cooked on the stone of the electric oven (renewable energy).All our pastry is made pure butter, pure cream. We do not use powders or additives. All our preparations are made from basic products (flour, eggs, milk etc) and the best fruit pulp imported from France. The chocolates used in the composition of the foams are exclusively of the brand Barry or Valrhona.We also produce with the same quality of ingredients, sherbets and gelato ice creams.

299a Principale
Mansonville, Québec, JOE 1XO
(450) 292-3088
[email protected]
Monday to Wednesday : Closed
Thursday : 8h30 - 17h00
Friday : 8h00 - 20h30
Saturday : 8h00 - 20h30
Sunday : 8h00 - 17h00
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