Boutique et Restaurant de la Fromagerie Perron

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Exceptional cheeses with gourmet flavors for 125 years

Constantly looking for perfection, Fromagerie Perron has been working to create exceptional products for more than a century. Coming from a great family tradition, Perron cheeses are distinguished by their rich texture and unique taste experience.

Honoring a tradition of excellence and perfecting the manufacturing process for more than a century, the Fromagerie Perron is still driven by the desire to create an exceptional aged Cheddar. Also, some of Perron’s Fromagerie products are Kosher certified. Perron also has all the necessary certifications to produce certified organic cheese by Quebec Vrai and Agro Boréale. However, these products are still on demand only.

The popularity of organic cheeses in western Canada prompted Fromagerie Perron to officially launch these 3 new organic Nordic Cheddar cheeses in April 2017 for the enjoyment of consumers.

Organic Nordic Perron Cheddar aged 2 years

Organic Nordic Perron Cheddar aged 10 years

Organic Nordic Perron Cheddar aged with black beer

598 Rue Principale,
Saint-Prime, (Québec),
Canada, G8J 1T1
581 584-3164
[email protected]
Everyday : 8h00 - 20h00
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Ecological grades
80% local products and +
Offers some organic products
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