Brabant Ltd. Wild Boar Meat

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Nature has preserved a number of ancient species, Bison, Elk and Wild Boar, obviously there are many more species but New Brabant have chosen to raise Wild Boar.We would encourage you to try this wonderful red meat it is the ancestor of the domestic pig, but in terms of taste and texture, that is where any similarity ends.Animal muscle consists of both red and white fibres. In Wild Boar and in the domestic pig the ratio of theses fibres are virtually the direct opposite of each other. Wild Boar muscle is structured of 70% red fibre to 30% white, whereas the domestic pig comprises 20% red and 80% white. This diversity affects not only the color and texture of the two meats but the taste also. In appearance Wild Boar Meat is far deeper in color than pork and has a relaxed and thicker ‘weave’ to its flesh, although it is, in fact, firmer texture. Wild Boar has its own unique taste.

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