C Lunettes


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This is the story of an optician, Cindy, passionate about her job as an optician and who has a passion for drawing.

C Glasses This is not a brand of glasses like the others. No trends, no big collection, all the glasses are handmade in Montreal and are created according to the desires and inspirations of Cindy.

It’s a Montreal-based company with values ​​such as creativity, quality, innovation, originality and customer satisfaction.

It is also an eco-responsible company that uses drops acetate plates to make accessories such as necklaces or keychains.

The creations of C Glasses are a far cry from today’s fashion diktats. The collection is inspired by the 50s and 60s to create shapes with vintage looks and retro look. The bezel has become more than a necessity, it is now a fashion accessory in the same way as a handbag or shoes.

For the first collection, the forms are very feminine, very pin-up to reveal the femininity of women to give them the opportunity to assert themselves and differentiate themselves in a world where everything is uniform.


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Montréal, Québec, H2X 3L4
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