Champagne Domaine La Borderie

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This eleven-hectare family farm located in Bar sur Seine on the Côte des Bar terroir, hitherto engaged in producer unions, embarked in 2013 on a new project: the construction of a structure for champagnisation and the creation of La Borderie, in order to meet the development wishes of the two children who recently joined the farm business. The building, resolutely contemporary in its design as in its look, is inserted in the natural declivity of the surrounding landscape and is up to the respect required for a wine of excellence. Our desire is to produce Champagne wines from the careful isolation and meticulous composition of the specificity of the different plots that make up the estate, and to put them in a box enhancing the prestige of our AOC. In addition, the building where the wines are made is conceived as a place of welcome and visit which, alongside the two Gîtes de France that includes the estate, intends to contribute to the development of wine tourism. The La Borderie estate, which benefits from the "Sustainable Viticulture in Champagne" certification, wants to contribute to the value of Champagne, its transmission, and its ethical and ecological development.

Chemin de la ferme de la Folie
Bar-sur-Seine, Grand Est, 10110
(096) 745-1773
[email protected]
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