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The Josselin family, winemakers from generation to generation, acquired in 1854 the first parcel of vines on the soil of Gyé sur Seine, a charming village in the Champagne region crossed by the Seine.A few parcels inherited from his parents, Jean Josselin, at the price of ‘hard work, is a vineyard among the best hills, the names of so-called evocative places: Beauregard, Davasgné, Cosvigne. In 1957, the great adventure of Champagne begins. He creates his champagne brand Jean Josselin.

Each plot is unique. It is up to the winemaker to make the most of it, by making appropriate choices: rootstock, grape variety, cultivation method, yield management. Our vineyard consists of 14 plots, they benefit from different exhibitions from each other, bringing a greater diversity to the future wine. At a distance of about 4 km from the farm, we must cross paths, forests and valleys to discover our vineyards living peacefully at the rhythm of moons and seasons, rocked by a religious silence that only birds and game disturb by their presence. We cultivate the three grape varieties Champagne, which under a continental climate and soft clay-limestone soils can develop elegant and fruity champagnes. The vine, in particular, the Pinot Noir finds in the marl clay-limestone soil of the Upper Jurassic (Kimmeridgian) all the elements favorable to its good development. It allows him to express himself with its fruity, finesse and lightness. By practicing the vinification plot, we get to know, over the years, our parcels. It is a long-term job and a constant attention.

14 Rue des Vannes
Gyé-sur-Seine , Grand Est, 10250
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