Craig Cook the Natural Butcher

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Craig Cook's Prime Quality Meats are leading retailers of the finest quality beef, poultry, lamb, pork and specialty meats. Our stores offer a wide selection of cuts for every cooking occasion.Craig Cook’s “Tova Estate” in the picturesque NSW Southern Highlands, is home to Australia’s best cool climate beef cattle. Here they are free to roam on the lush undulating pastures, find shelter in the scattered woodlands, and drink from the natural springs, creeks and dams. The pastures are a mixture of clover and rye, fertilised with organic manure and lime. The finishing paddocks provide a supplement feed of natural hay and water from our deep clear-water bore. Tova cattle are of Angus breed, essentially the pure Black Angus. Prime Quality Meats also source cattle from neighbouring properties that meet our own exacting standards. All Tova produce is guaranteed to be 100% free of hormone and growth promotants. After training as a butcher, Craig soon realised that the only way to guarantee his customers the best produce and ensure ethical farming practices, was to do it himself. That way his customers know exactly what they are dining on, from the paddock to the plate.

1026/500 Oxford St
Bondi Junction, Nouvelle-Galles du Sud, 2025
6(029) 387-6596
[email protected]
Monday to Wednesday : 7am - 7pm
Thursday : 7am - 9pm
Friday : 7am - 7pm
Saturday and Sunday : 7am - 5pm
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