Domaine du Vieux Couvent

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A gourmet bistro with a friendly atmosphere where fresh cuisine can showcase what the islands produce better ... A selection of wines recognized for its private imports and its appeal for novelty and difference ...La Moulière is a magnificent dining room where the multitude of sunny windows offer a spectacular view of the Entry Island and the Baie de Plaisance, where cruise ships, fishing boats ... and wolves anchor -marines!Every day, inspired dishes, where tradition and modernity mingle, and where mussels, lobster, herring, mackerel, clams, the young beef of the Islands, the berries of the fields and cheeses from home, such as the Pied -de-Vent and Tomme des Demoiselles, remember the past while jumping in the news as we jump in the waves.La Moulière is a unique blend of charm that transforms the meal into an enchanted parenthesis ...