Domaine Le Cageot


It was in 1977 that we bought the estate. Clearing, drainage, plowing were part of the work to be done. This large space invited us to choose a culture, and after family discussions, we decided on the culture of a small luxury fruit, raspberry. Three years later, the raspberry Le Cageot was born.In 2000, we decided to take up a new challenge and breathe new life into our passion by setting up a small artisanal vineyard.In 2002, we proceeded to the establishment of the 1st regional center of small-scale production of alcoholic beverages. In this period, we are also adding 11 agro-processing products, wine vinaigrettes, jams, jellies, syrups, honey, lees, etc.We develop four alcoholic products, a wine, two aperitifs and a liqueur (digestive and spirits). In 2010, a fifth is added. True to our taste for innovation, we are launching the first sparkling blueberry wine in Quebec and the world!Ten years later, we plant 8,000 vine plants. 1st vineyard recognized by the RACJ (Régie des Alcools du Québec) in Saguenay-Lac-St-Jean. We created our own grape variety (red): St-André.In 2012, we invest more than $ 300,000 to improve our reception facilities: event room, kiosk, winery, etc.In 2013, sale of our first wine: Père & Fils rouge and Père & Fils blanc.Finally, since its foundation, the Domain has accumulated medals, prizes and tributes which give it an international influence.

5455 Chemin Saint André
Saguenay, Québec, G7X 7V4
(418) 547-2857
[email protected]
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