En 10 Saveurs


In 10 flavors, it is first of all a love story, all in all banal ... We are in 1994. Nathalie meets Christophe and Christophe meets Nathalie! In short, they fall in love and decide to start a business. Their first baby is the Handirect company that was born in 1996. Handirect is a company born with the Internet and offers administrative services in BtoB. And Handirect chooses to hire people with disabilities since its inception in 1996. Handirect progresses, develops ... But as you all know, life often holds beautiful surprises! Nathalie and Christophe have a 1st child in 1999: Timothy. Then in 2000 Marin arrives. Marin has a little surprise called a trisomy 21 ...And he was born 4 years after the creation of Handirect! Then will come also Melchior in 2003. Who believes in chance? We must admit that the coincidences are curious! From there, personal life and professional life are linked. Nathalie and Christophe develop Handirect, franchise the model but think and also work on a concept to develop the employment of people with mental and cognitive disabilities. And why not restore? In 2013, they go to Rome because there is a pizzeria that develops the employment of people with trisomy 21 or autism. In 2014, they made contact with the restaurant team Tim in the United States. 2018: it's the year of decisions ... Nathalie and Christophe decide to create the restaurant En 10 Saveurs and to back it with the association Growing up in School and Society. They want a strong culinary concept: the pie counter! And seasonal and mainly regional products with a touch of Bio when it's relevant!

39 Rue Raspail
Levallois-Perret , Île-de-France, 92300
3(362) 466-7211
[email protected]
Monday to Friday :
Saturday and Sunday : 8:30 - 19:00
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Ecological grades
80% local products and +
Ecological products
Offers some organic products
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