Ferme apicole Mosaïque

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The Mosaïque beekeeping farm is an innovative and artisanal honey farm that works to enhance the role of bees and bee products. We provide the population with premium bee products and bee products such as honey, candles and natural cosmetics.All in one eco-friendly practice and environment. Founded in 2015 by three daring and innovative partners, the company has a mandate to: raise awareness of bee health issues; the importance of pollinating insects for agricultural productivity; the value of honey as natural sugar; and the relevance of using natural health products on a daily basis. It is also important to see how important it is to share our point of view about the need to take an eco-friendly turn as a society.Our absolute priority is still the care of bees and their food. The location of each apiary is therefore specifically chosen according to the needs of the bees. That is to say, far from monocultures, with access to a water point, to the forest and to a great floral diversity. Although our geographical location prevents us from having access to Biological Certification, the necessary techniques are studied and applied with rigor.

605 Rang Saint Léon
Saint-Thuribe, Québec, G0A 4H0
1(418) 284-1929
[email protected]
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