Ferme Avicole Bourgeois Dumont

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Enter the very specialized world of eggs for consumption. We raise our chicks right on the farm. From the first day, the chicks are free in a suitable environment that promotes their growth and good health. Our chicken coop has 10,000 adult layers. It is the only chicken coop in the Magdalen Islands. Our flock is free of any external contamination, hens receive food and water at will. The air is filtered and controlled by a computer that ensures the perfect balance of the henhouse and the food is strictly from grains and no additional products are added.We are proud to be a very eco responsible and efficient farm to the highest standards of health and quality! We have taken a GREEN turn since 2009 and it's a total success!The fresh eggs in the morning are in the grocery store in the afternoon! It's guaranteed freshness! The Îles-de-la-Madeleine food companies are supplied year round with the fresh eggs from the Poultry Farm.

13 Chemin du Bois Brûlé
L'Étang-du-Nord, Québec, G4T 3T5
(418) 986-4460
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