Ferme la Belle Besogne

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La Belle Besogne simply translated is: the beautiful work, it is our work and we happen to love it. For us there is nothing better than going to the field to see the changes that mother nature has brought us. Seeds that have germinated, a flower that sees the day, a bee exploring the crevasses of this flower.At La Belle Besogne we try to create an environment where all can prosper. A place where we can set our plants in for the season and know that they will have everything that they need. In order for the farm to sustain its integrity we must maintain the equilibrium by replacing everything that we take. Compost, compost tea, cover crop, green manure, seaweed, wood-ash, these are all things that we offer to the soil in exchange for the macro and micro-nutrients that the plants will uptake during their stay at La Belle Besogne.

161 Wishart Point Road
Tabusintac, New Brunswick, E9H 1K4
1(506) 779-7522
[email protected]
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