Ferme Sauriol


The new land located at “3150 Des Mille-iles” in Laval has required a lot of landscaping and clearing work in the early years. But the quality of the site and the richness of the soil were worth the hard work. This acquisition has allowed the company and the “new generation” to expand and thus offer many customers many more diversities in our fruits and vegetables. Several of which are offered by “self-picking”: strawberries, raspberries, round and Italian tomatoes, aubergines of various colors and varieties, red peppers, several varieties of hot peppers, Spanish onions, etc.

Not to mention the layout of our large kiosk where it is possible for our customers to find an “Internal Market”. The “Ferme Sauriol” offers a wide range of products grown on these lands, already picked for you every morning. You can also find our “Products Houses” and a nice assortment of regional products. All available in season, 7 days 7 “Good weather – Bad weather” to our “Internal Market”.

The “Sauriol Family” invites the population to come and live a beautiful experience in the countryside while discovering fruits and vegetables produced respecting the environment and the nature of our soil on an enchanting site well-stocked with trees and superb streams.

Welcome to all.

3150 Boulevard des Mille-Îles
Laval, QC, H7J 1C9
1 (450) 666-6564
Tuesday to Friday and Sunday : 8AM to 7PM
Monday and Saturday : 8AM to 6PM
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Ecological grade
80% local products and +
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