Fromagerie au Pays-des-Bleuets

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Ferme 3J is a company of a united and passionate family that creates and develops various local products such as farmhouse milk, cheese and meat in a context of sustainable development and respect for the environment .

Proud of our “Terroir et Saveurs du Québec” certification, our “Fromagerie au Pays-des-Bleuets” establishment is part of the “Route des Cheese Délices du Québec”.

To delight your palate, we offer a range of quality pasteurized farm cheeses made from our own Ayrshire cow’s milk, known for their high protein content: Desneiges, Bouton d’Or, Le Petit Délice, Roc Bleu and fresh cheese of the day. The cheeses are ripened for 30 days giving them all their aromas and flavors.


805 Rang Simple S,
Saint-Prime, (Québec),
Canada, G8J 1Y2
418 679-2058
[email protected]
Monday to Friday : 8h00 - 18h00
Saturday : 8h00 - 16h00
Sunday : 12h00 - 16h00
  • butcher-shop
  • cheese-factories
  • food
Ecological grade
80% local products and +
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