Fromagerie Blackburn


Offering cheeses from its own dairy production, Fromagerie Blackburn is proud to offer products in its own image. Thanks to artisanal methods made optimal by the addition of sustainable technological equipment, the cheese dairy not only ensures the maintenance of this quality, but also of remarkable consistency.The Blackburn family is present at every stage of aging the cheese, so that it reaches its full quality. The least signs matter: its crust, smell, color and texture are all elements that need to be checked and controlled. The fingering, the experience and the great knowledge of the world of cheese allow your cheese makers to offer products that you like and whose taste as well as the least notes and flavors were created with passion and diligence.It is through the care that we have patiently developed the flavors and aromas that a cheese will delight lovers of taste. At Fromagerie Blackburn, every stage of cheese making is carefully crafted so that you can taste and enjoy the finest craftsmanship.

4353 Chemin Saint Benôit
Saguenay, Québec, G7X 7V5
(418) 547-4153
[email protected]
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Ecological grade
80% local products and +
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