IONIK Sport is a line of 100% athletic clothing made in Canada.Blank & Ionik brands are proud to think and manufacture products made 100% in Quebec. In addition to being comfortable, the clothes are built in a great respect of the environment: manufactured in radius of 20 km with Quebec partners, our creations produce a minimum of pollution related to the transport of the goods. It is also by choosing an American cotton yarn that requires less pesticide for our weaves, by using water-based dye as well as by recovering as much as possible the tissue scraps to make accessories that Blank & Ionik make sure to respect nature.In addition, Blank & Ionik care about the respect of its workers. By offering hourly wages higher than the minimum wage, by complying with work-time laws and offering safe working conditions, Blank ensures that his team works conscientiously, offering better quality products to their employees. customers. Porter Blank & Ionik also wears comfortable clothing, which is renowned for its quality and durability, while encouraging the local economy.

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Montréal, Québec, H2N 1P6
1(514) 313-6718
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