Kim Veilleux artiste peintre

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By appointment only.The artist is inspired by your stories to create living works. His characters, close to the caricature, touch the real world by telling your slices of life. Whatever the subject, the inspiration is always appointments!Kim Veilleux is recognized for the excellence of her artistic practice by the Institute of Figurative Arts of Quebec (IAF). She is also a member and professional artist of RAAV (Regroupement des artistes en art visuel du Québec) His characters are self-taught. His artistic work, inspired by naive artists is imbued with lightness, liveliness and even a touch of humor. Her works evolve over the years as she constantly explores new techniques. For some years, Kim has been inspired by the "public" to create her works of art. With an equally creative and personalized approach, you can create your own slice of life. The characters are stylized the way the artist does, but they represent people you know. (Your family, coworkers, or just a passion that is close to your heart) All topics are inspiring for the artist, just ask. These works of art become more than just decorations!

909 Rue Thaïs
Saint-Nicolas, Québec, G7A 5L5
1(418) 999-2762
[email protected]
  • Interior decoration
Ecological grade
80% local products and +
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