Kuinshoeve Meat Ltd.


All of our animals, be they oxen or lambs, are processed in a meat processing facility inspected by the Government of New Brunswick. Beef cuts from animals are of the highest quality and equivalent to cuts of steers and AAA / AA heifers. The transformation of the lambs follows the same steps and the meat is of the highest quality. Many satisfied customers mentioned that no imported lamb cuts compare to the quality, taste and tenderness of the locally grown product. Many excellent restaurants have discovered the exquisite taste of locally grown lamb and added it to their menu. We sell our products at our retail butchery located at 126 Hampton Road in Rothesay.

126 Hampton Road
Rothesay, New Brunswick, E2E 2N6
1(506) 847-2049
[email protected]
  • Butcher shop
Ecological grade
80% local products and +
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