La Maison du Bleuet


With a mission to produce original products with a regional flavor, the La Maison du Bleuet chocolate shop stands out by offering a variety of products based on organic wild blueberries. We cook several home-made products with a typical jeannois taste, such as chocolate-covered blueberries, blueberry ganache, blueberry jam and many other delicacies!In the boutique, we find a wide range of gift ideas including our wild blueberries cosmetics, all sourced from the boreal forests of Lac St-Jean, one of the berries with the highest concentration of antioxidants.Discover our tasty blueberry jelly and blueberry port jelly made with blueberry juice. You will love the sweet texture of jelly, without losing the flavor of our organic blueberries.Our various blueberry jams are handcrafted with premium quality products, no preservatives or artificial colors. For a perfect balance of sugar, we use calibrated organic blueberries

1006 Boulevard du Sacré Coeur
Saint-Félicien, Québec, G8K 1R5
(418) 630-4333
  • Chocolate Factories
Ecological grades
80% local products and +
Offers some organic products
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