La Souche Limoilou

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Inspired by Quebec roots, La Souche Limoilou back to the essence, reminiscent of sugar shacks, hunting camps where men feasted with big gulps. Leaning on round tables carved from the tree, La Souche invites you to discover the brewing in a warm and cozy atmosphere.

Influenced by local products, our cuisine is inspired by pubs while incorporating beer on the menu. In a local and sustainable development philosophy, La Souche is a cultural place where thirsty spirits of quality meet !? Our craft beers are inspired by classic English, Scottish, Belgian, German and American styles. Our brewer and his acolytes work with local ingredients to develop the Quebec style.

801 Chemin de la Canardière,
Québec, (Québec),
Canada, G1J 2B7
581 742-1144
[email protected]
Monday : 11h00 - 1h00
Tuesday : 11h00 - 1h00
Wednesday : 11h00 - 1h00
Thursday : 11h00 - 3h00
Friday : 11h00 - 3h00
Saturday : 11h00 - 3h00
Sunday : 11h00 - 1h00
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