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A flavor experience like you've never experienced before!Winemaking is generally considered the best way to get to know wine. Winemaking parties come with 28 - 30 delicious bottles of homemade wine.Under the guidance of Lakeland Winery’s grape gurus; you and your friends will craft 28-30 bottles of wine. Choose from dry reds, dry whites, mediums, fruit based wines, and dessert wines; while munching on snacks brought from home. Once a flavor is selected, it’s poured into a fermenting bucket, mixed with ingredients like elderflowers and oak, stirred, sprinkled with yeast, and air-locked to hibernate for seven weeks at the Lakeland warehouse.Following the 7 week fermentation, guests return to Lakeland Winery to bottle, cork, label, and dress 28 - 30 wine bottles. Finally, guests take home their personalized wines to enjoy! For an extra $10 fee, Lakeland Winery can create personalized labels for you!

877 State Fair Blvd
Syracuse, NY, 13209
1(315) 487-2884
[email protected]
Monday to Friday : 4PM to 7:30PM
Saturday : 12PM to 7PM
Sunday : 12PM to 4PM
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