Le Barbocheux


Our company specializes in the production of artisanal beverages. We produce four products: two kinds of bagosse as well as a port-type drink and a liqueur. The Barbocheux offers you the privilege of tasting one of the best kept secrets of Iles-de-la-Madeleine. The most famous bagosse des Iles.The bagosse commonly called "beer of the islands", is a wine of fruit which has always been part of our customs. Because of isolation, the bagosse was for a long time the only alcoholic drink in the Islands. Every family had their recipe and every social event was greeted with the bagosse. Made according to an original recipe with top quality ingredients bagosse des Iles, will charm you with its sweetness and the subtlety of its unique and typically madelinot taste. "Drinking from the bagosse is tasting a bit of our history!"

475 Chemin du Cap Rouge
Havre-aux-Maisons, Québec, G4T 5C7
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