Le Naufrageur


The mission of the microbrewery Le Naufrageur is to create, produce and offer a variety of unique and creative beers of high quality while enhancing the products of the Quebec-Gaspé region.Le Naufrageur now distributes more than twenty bottled products throughout Quebec in nearly 500 points of sale. Since its opening, the brewery has always been to make beers of high quality, with the best ingredients available and as locally as possible. Beers that are both tasty but always pleasant to drink. Thus, over time, the Naufrageur's philosophy brings it closer to a concept of local beers, as evidenced by its range of Native American ales, beers that derive their distinctive taste from local plants that have always been used aromatically or medicinally. by the different Gaspesian populations. Plants such as tansy, bitter seabream, Labrador tea, elderflower have joined hops and other spices commonly used in beer.

586 Boulevard Perron
Carleton-sur-Mer, Québec, G0C 1J0
(418) 364-5440
[email protected]
  • Liquor
Ecological grade
80% local products and +
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