Les Jardins de Céline

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Château-Richer (Côte-de-Beaupré), 20 minutes from downtown Quebec City, is home to Les Jardins de Céline, a magnificent place and refuge for biodiversity. Gardens that, for more than 40 years, are conserved and maintained by people who have a deep love for life and for ecology. Gardens that contain a natural plant abundance, a variety of vegetables, herbs, fruit and nut trees and a mature forest. Everything is grown in respect of life and the environment, without the addition of phytosanitary products (herbicides, fungicides, insecticides) or addition of synthetic fertilizer.The Celine Gardens operates under the ASC (agriculture supported by community), ie direct marketing from the producer to the consumer. Every week, during the summer season (from late June to mid-October), your family farmer is committed to offering you a wide variety of freshly harvested vegetables and herbs. As far as the customer is concerned, he knows where the food comes from. his food, he is assured of the quality and the freshness of the products. He meets the gardener every week and exchanges with him, so that a bond of trust is established. He is committed to picking his vegetables at a specific point of delivery (place of delivery) and paying a certain portion of the cost of the subscription at the beginning of the season. This formula provides financial flexibility to the producer.

7029 Avenue Royale
Château-Richer, Quebec, G0A 1N0
1(581) 741-4842
[email protected]il.com
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80% local products and +
Ecological products
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Organic products, 80% and +
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