Lift Resto Lounge


What makes LIFT, the most exquisite restaurant downtown Ottawa has to offer, an exciting dining experience? Like a recipe, it comes down to the right ingredients, brought together to produce an experience greater than the sum of its parts.First you start with a great atmosphere, bolstered by architecture and design accents that make our restaurant in downtown Ottawa modern and yet cozy. Then you add a passionate and gifted chef with a love for all things Canadian. Throw in sustainable ingredients, locally-sourced when possible, local micro-brewed beers, a wine bar, and cocktails designed by Split Tree Cocktail Co., and you’re almost ready to serve. Top it off with a menu that celebrates the uniqueness of Canadian cuisine, presenting it with pride and flair, and you’ve got a Canadian-inspired dining experience unlike any other in the nation’s capital.

101 Lyon Street North
Ottawa, Ontario, K1R 7Y5
1(613) 688-6802
[email protected]
Everyday : 6:30 am - midnight
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