Manteaux Desloups


Warm coats 100% woolDESLOUPS creates and manufactures all of its coats in Quebec, using a melton weave made of 100% virgin wool, lined with a nylon and polyester pique that increases the degree of comfort. Small touches like the addition of handwarmer pockets, an over-lining at the end in the cuffs, the inside of the back as well as in the pockets, make it a cocoon of warmth. In addition, the large collar large enough to slip a scarf and a detachable hood doubled in the end woolen are added to cover you and keep you warm, even in the middle of winter.Properties of Wool: Wool has been used for its insulating properties for centuries, it is an excellent thermal insulation and therefore an ideal material for winter. It resists moisture and rain naturally (to a certain extent). The wool is the hot material par excellence and what counts above all is the percentage of wool present in the composition of the coat. DESLOUPS offer coats made from 100% virgin wool to ensure comfort and warmth, even when temperatures drop drastically in the middle of winter.

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