Martha Clara Vineyards

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Martha Clara Vineyards, found within this region, is one of Long Island's finest vineyards, where the science of winemaking itself is of utmost importance. Martha Clara Vineyards is a 200-acre property located in a privileged area in the world to grow vines. Thanks to its coastal location, ocean breezes help to moderate temperatures at any time of the year.A hard-working team of vineyard personnel results in high quality grapes, and therefore competitive wines. Grapes are not harvested until they are at their optimal ripeness in order to extract the best possible expression from them. Most of our wines are made from a single varietal, allowing the consumer to compare and choose their favorite wines.Martha Clara Vineyards welcomes you next time you pass by in the region!

6025 Sound Ave
Riverhead, NY, 11901
1(631) 298-0075
[email protected]
Monday to Sunday : 11AM to 5PM
  • Food
  • Liquor
  • Vineyards
Ecological grade
80% local products and +
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