Pas Peur Du Noir

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By appointment only - Available onlineThe models are made with a concern for quality and made of organic cotton or polyester from recycled plastic bottles. Apparel fabrics are designed and manufactured in Canada. The accessories (scarf and hat) are however, for the moment, made from organic cotton jersey imported from China but their design was made in Canada. The reason is that an equivalent fabric manufactured in Canada required a minimum quantity to produce too much compared to the number of accessories to be launched for starting. The prints are made with ink in the water. Tissue dyes meet the standards of human and environmental ethics and are not harmful to health. All items are assembled in Quebec by a women's reintegration company. Labels are also made of organic or recycled materials. Some items of supply such as zippers or buttons come from Canadian companies, but their manufacture is sometimes made abroad if the item in question has no equivalent manufactured in Canada to our knowledge.The sizes range from 0 to 18 months for this first collection.The project is initially born of a desire: that of creating by minimizing as much as possible the ecological impact and to help our society to move towards a more just and more transparent system. NOT FEAR OF BLACK wanted to create mixed baby clothes, finding the offer rather limited in this field. "The mix of clothing makes it possible not to maintain the stereotypes associated with the sex of the baby, but also to be able to reuse the clothes for the brother or the sister for example." 

6748 Rue de Normanville
Montréal, Québec, H2S 2C1
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Ecological products
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