Raplaplas were invented in 2005 by Erica, a girl without heels but full of needles. These fabric mates, quietly made in Montreal, live a hectic life around the world as soon as they adopt a child. Mr. Tsé-Tsé, in organic cotton and with a big heart like that, is a doll for beginners. This is the favorite of babies, one that will be drowned in hugs and drool, inseparable and irreplaceable (here you are warned).Among the noisiest in the family, animals are easily distinguished, charming companions who work at night. Indeed, these ultra-soft stuffed animals will keep babies awake until the wee hours of the morning thanks to their wild jazz! Often present at their party, here are the rag dolls today (they are the stars at raplapla) who listen to all your secrets and even laugh at funny jokes. These soft dolls, with captivating colors and touching textures, share a boundless passion for all that is sweet and display their monalisesque smiles during the worst basics of life (even during a switch to the washing machine - it's all telling you). Owls and owls, the owls join this merry gang by hooting fun all around them.Serge the cat, the Tutu twins, the clowns as well as the young carrots, the alley pigeons and the babies-stamp are of course celebrating with them until the end of the night. Count on them. Designed to be loved, shared, and abused, raplaplas are washable and repairable to last a long time. Employ them!

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