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Welcome to Rustik Alpaga.Come discover this animal still unknown and craft creations that are made with their luxurious fiber.Our craftswomen make unique pieces according to their inspirations and according to the colors and fiber sizes available.Did you know that there are several qualities in alpaca?Here in Canada we categorize them by Grade (from 1 to 6) according to the micron of the fiber. Grade 1 being the highest quality fiber that equals the sweetness of Cashmere and Grade 6 is equivalent to the lower quality fiber with which we will usually make felt products, filler or carpet yarn. . It's still interesting to know that even grade 6 fiber is still a lot softer than sheep's wool.That said, you understand that the quality of my animals and the fiber they produce are directly related to the sweetness of my products in the shop.In order to produce a knitting yarn of the highest quality, the process begins with the choice of my breeding animals. I select high genetics alpacas and plan mating in order to constantly improve the genetic potential of the herd.

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