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By appointment only: Local 288A 2065 Parthenais Street in Montreal.Scissor Guild is a Montreal-based company that offers craftsmanship products, hand-made in an eco-responsible manner, using robust and reliable components. Our mission is to revive everyday materials by creating sustainable products that will accompany you throughout your life. Our beliefs are based on the idea that our creations, produced locally and handmade, are synonymous with superior quality, longevity and respect for the environment. By producing high quality accessories, and reusing materials from other projects to counter waste, we are also committed to creating affordable products. We sincerely hope to convey to you our passion and our ideology of a local and sustainable manufacturing industry.Through our design and realization process, we struggle to reduce our ecological footprint on the planet. At each stage of our creation, we integrate the notion of sustainability. Some of our collections are made from recycled materials, and all our packaging is recyclable as well. In addition, all our suppliers are local, whose values ​​are in line with our convictions of an industry that lives with its time.

2065 Rue Parthenais local 288A
Montréal, Québec, H2K 3S9
1(514) 994-6102
[email protected]
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