Simple Malt Brasseurs Medley Simple Malt

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At Simple Malt - Brasseurs, we create tasting beers inspired by great masterpieces from different brewing traditions as well as more contemporary extravagances. Each member of the family is a reflection of our influences and quality criteria: harmony, balance, generosity and consistency.We invite you to share our passion for this noble drink by tasting, in all its variations, the rich flavors simply extracted from the best malts!The Medley Simple Malt is a vibrant neighborhood pub that welcomes a motley and casual crowd. Downstairs, there is a full bar, 24 barrel lines offering Simple Malt Brewers beers and a real kitchen serving a delicious menu including a bacon jam burger. Upstairs, the theater offers a program of comedy shows, concerts and private events. Theme nights, beer and feast, there is always something going on at the Medley Simple Malt.

6206 Rue Saint-Hubert
Montréal, Québec, H2S 2M2
(514) 271-7887
[email protected]
Monday to Wednesday : 15h00 - 3h00
Thursday to Sunday : 13h00 - 3h00
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  • Microbreweries
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