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Welcome to the Solstice Soap Co. This is a place to purchase soap that you can feel good about in a number of ways. You may be here because you share some of the same concerns that have led us to start this company. Soap is part of our everyday lives. Many of us take for granted that soap is not only something that goes on our skin, but also in our skin. Our skin is our body’s largest organ. In fact, it is estimated that anywhere between 20-90% of what goes on our skin can potentially be absorbed into our skin and get stored in our tissues. So like me, if you’re reading the back of your soap box to find out exactly what you’re washing with, but can’t seem to pronounce half of the ingredients, you may be concerned. At Solstice Soap Co., every single batch of soap is hand-made, cured, and cut with care and with you in mind.Solstice Soap Co. is built around awareness and mindfulness. Solstice soaps are 100% natural beyond just the ingredients we use to make them. We cure all of our soaps in our custom-designed pine boxes, avoiding plastics as much as possible. We also work with local growers to acquire only the finest, natural ingredients for our soap, ensuring that those who work hard to provide you with a healthy choice are able to continue doing just that. Solstice Soap Co. is dedicated to ensuring that good folks like you enjoy the long-term health benefits of a natural and therapeutic product, while respecting our planet and being conscious to give back the things that we have used.

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