The Farmer and The Chickpea

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Both by definition and design we are an artisan food company. We strive to make high quality and distinctive products, always by hand, using traditional cooking methods. We believe in the simplicity of the food and never stray from the belief that fresh is best. Real, whole foods, possess their own natural goodness, and therefore, the less you change it or touch it, the better the final dish.​ There is no guess work when it comes to our ingredients, as they are unmistakable. When tasting the food, each one is upfront but not overwhelming. Most of our dishes have less than five ingredients and follow a simplistic discernable pattern. Our style tends to lean towards the European style of cooking, in as much as we shop and cook daily and sell the food that very same day. We do not add preservatives of any kind, making our food not meant to last.​ Food is part of everyday life, so why not make cooking enjoyable? It doesn't have to be a task or a chore. It can be uncomplicated and as simple as you make it. Whether cooking or eating it, food brings people together. It brings us to YOU, our customers, and that is who truly defines us.

3523 U.S. 22
Somerville, NJ 08876, United States, NJ, 08876
1(908) 635-1684
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