Tree Brewing Beer Institute

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Back in 1996, we started the TASTE REVOLUTION for Craft beer in Kelowna. We hit the streets and sampled customers with kegs from the back of our delivery truck. Our first customer, THE WATER ST GRILL, was located at 1346 Water Street. It's only fitting that when the location became available we grabbed it! Now connected to our past and staying true to our roots, we have built the TREE BREWING BEER INSTITUTE to share our knowledge and passion for CRAFT BEER. We hope you enjoy spending time learning about and loving craft beer at The Beer Institute as much as we do.Enjoy a range of beer showcasing styles and flavors from light, to pale, to bitter, to dark. Year Round 'classics' and seasonal offerings are complemented by our TANK TO TAP lineup ~ experimental beer that is constantly rotating and served completely UNFILTERED. Displaying pronounced aromas and balanced complex flavors, each tank offering is served as we like to say in its RAW state. Dukes Cider and Grapefruit Radler available year round as well.

1346 Water St
Kelowna, BC, V1Y 9P4
[email protected]
Monday to Sunday : 11AM to 11PM
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  • Liquor
  • Microbreweries
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