Venturi-Schulze Vineyards

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Giordano and Marilyn Venturi left professional lives to establish their vineyard in 1987 (with daughter Michelle Schulze joining them full time in 1995) in the Cowichan Valley on Vancouver Island, BC, Canada. They cleared some of the forest in this incredibly pristine area to plant the vineyard and left half the acreage in its natural state, loving the old forest, wildflowers and mushrooms inhabiting it. Their vision was always to farm naturally and sustainably with superb quality as the ultimate goal. They have never used a herbicide or insecticide and they don't irrigate. They received their winery license in 1993.They have been described as eccentric, at times anti-social and, well, somewhat crazy, but this can be forgiven as they don't sell anything that they didn't grow, produce and bottle on their single site. Farming, particularly without chemical aids, is all a matter of timing each act perfectly within the variables that Mother Nature throws into the mix.

4235 Vineyard Rd
Cobble Hill, BC, V0R 1L5
1(250) 743-5630
[email protected]
Wednesday to Sunday : 10AM to 4PM
Monday and Tuesday : Closed
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Ecological grade
Organic products, 80% and +
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