Vignoble La Grenouille

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The history of the Frog Vineyard begins in the fall of 2007 with the purchase of an equestrian farm located on Plouffe Road in Cowansville. With time, this purchase, by 4 brave and unconscious new winemakers, has been a source of constant pleasure and hard work, constant too! After a year of preparation of the land, the first vines appear in summer 2009. Planted by hand on plastic, the 6,000 vines are from five different grape varieties, two red grape varieties (Maréchal Foch and De Chaunac) and 3 white grape varieties (L'Acadie blanc, Seyval Blanc and Geizenheim). In 2010, 4,000 new vines from Vidal and L'Acadie Blanc completed the plantation. But planting the vines is not everything ... During the fall of 2009 and the summer of 2010, we also have to organize the trellis by installing posts and wires necessary for the good management of the vine. The vines are vigorous and need help to go up and form beautiful hedges without spreading in between rows. The vines being planted, it was now time to prepare the stages of harvest and processing of the grapes planned for the following year. Fall 2010 and Spring / Summer 2011 were dedicated to the purchase of processing equipment: destemmer, juicer and vats. It was also necessary to undertake the transformation of our old stable in winery (chaie) to allow to elaborate the quality wines of The Frog. In 2011, we could finally see the vines gorge on bunches and reap the fruits of our labor during the first harvest. Fruit means acquiring a range of new knowledge: destemming, squeezing, fermenting, macerating, pumping, transferring, refilling, drawing, analyzing, filtering and cleaning. Come 2012, another very big year! In addition to work in the fields, it is necessary to finish the vat room and start setting up the shop for sale, while tweaking our knowledge to get to put the wine on the shelves: pump, cork, label and capsulate the bottle. Finally, after 5 years, the first customers are welcomed at the end of August 2012 in the cuverie because the shop is not ready yet. We are feverish and proud! But back to reality since it is the return of the harvest and work of autumns in the fields.

434 Chemin Plouffe
Cowansville, Québec, J2K 3G6
1(450) 578-6562
[email protected]
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