Vignoble Pigeon Hill


Pigeon Hill Organic Vineyard is located in the midst of peaceful hills, our vineyard vines are mounted in espalier on eight acres of alluvial and well-drained land, perfect for growing grapes.We grow the black and gray Frontenac. The Marquette grape is the result of a cross between a cold-resistant native vine and Pinot Noir.The cellar and the reception were built by hand, from the tall pines of his land, by the 5th generation winemaker and farmer, Kevin Shufelt. It is an elegant, rustic and warm building that reflects the charm of the place.The abundant wildlife, including bees, field mice, foxes, deer and wild turkeys, is part of all this life that drives the vineyard away from pesticides. Although organic farming is sometimes a significant challenge, the resulting harmony and richness are well worth it.

395 Chemin des Érables
Saint-Armand, Québec, J0J 1T0
(450) 248-2531
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Ecological grades
80% local products and +
Ecological products
Offers some organic products
Organic products, 80% and +
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