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THE ARTISAN OF VITRAIL Mr. Mike Obretin is one of the few people to have mastered the art of creating stained glass. Indeed, this stained glass craftsman has, over the years, been able to explore his art so as to renew it constantly.NUANCES, TEXTURES AND COLORS The Artisan realizes himself his drawings, his paintings on glass, his welds and his assemblages. He perfectly masters the technique "Tiffany" and favors, for his own creations, glasses clear, white or very soft tones. Note that on request, the possibilities of nuances, textures and colors are endless. For stained glass, no matter the size, a table lamp or hanging or other items such as a night light, you will undoubtedly find a little something that will delight you.GLASS PAINTING Glass painting is also an art practice Mr. Obretin, who has innovated his own technique and improved his work for more than 15 years. You will admire the fruit of his work of great singularity.

97 Rue Saint-Paul
Québec, Québec, G1K 3V8
1(418) 522-5888
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